Thursday, April 2, 2009

Murder Folk Night at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects

We are now hosting Ryan Kamstra's Murder Folk Night at our 1082 Queen St. West location on the last Monday of every month.  This murder-themed sing-along night brings Ryan Kamstra together with special guest musicians and you for a really fun evening of music, singing , refreshments and community.  So come down, bring your voice, instruments and friends and belt out a few old-time murder tunes with us.  Think of it as a much less expensive version of group therapy where you can work out your issues in song, not blood...
See you there!
Murder Folk Night posters made by hand by Heather Goodchild with help from Katharine Mulherin are also available for only $5 at the event as well as daily at the gallery - these are a great souvenir of a very fun event! Pictures above show us (well, mostly Heather) screenprinting the posters in Heather's kitchen!

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