Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dana Holst at Latitude 53

From June 5th - July 11 Dana Holst's show Prey will be on at Latitude 53 in Edmonton. 
"Prey examines from a psychological perspective the human/animal instinct to stalk and kill

weaker beings -- sometimes for survival, sometimes for fun.

In her delicate silverpoint drawings and oil paintings Dana Holst tinkers and toys with reality,

creating images of smug little girls in frilly dance costumes posing with hunted wild animals –

usurping the traditional territory of the adult male hunter and shedding an eerie light upon the

trophy kill.

Fairytale darkness, surreal charm and wry wit all abound in Prey, commenting on human

ignorance and our oblivious desire for fun."*

For more of Dana's work click here.

And for more information on the show click here.

*Taken from Latitude 53 Press release for Prey

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