Thursday, February 14, 2013

MIke Swaney at Noestudio in Madrid

": ·)"

Opening Friday February 15th at 21:00 h 
February 6 - March 7, 2013 

For the first time, Mike Swaney Canadian artist presents his work in Madrid. Although related to previous work, this time Swaney is fully immersed in the paint to address the concept of Post Internet art.

"•)", a computer lopsided smile, title of the show, acts as a starting point from where Mike takes another step against the collages in which he had been working so far.
exposure and residence of the artist are the result of a collaborative project between art space Delimbo, Seville, and noestudio.

Moving to painting on canvas internet codes , Swaney opens a new line of exploration. To do this, working from the imagination, as opposed to an element using photographic images, and intentionally go feed channels as Jean Dubuffet, Art Brut, Outsider Art and Internet art . In this new period reflects his interest in the idea of expression and OutsiderArt.

In his work introduces computer icons, navigation bars, symbology and signs used online. They accumulate and become abstract elements that build, structure and constrain the surface of the painting. Emoticons, language chats and blogs are now noticeable references. The faces of the figures are simplified and remember these signs: •) which Swaney, not without irony, often used as a signature, as an external link on his personal website, on your blog and in your email. The browser toolbar acts as a frame around the contents of the box to raise questions about the online life needs and how we make a computer screen becomes our lens through which we see life.

Mike Swaney (1978, Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada) was formed in Capilano University, Vancouver. Made exhibitions in Brussels, New York, Miami, Toronto or Vancouver , among others. And has participated in group exhibitions in Europe, USA and Latin America. In addition, scholarships have been awarded as the Fountainhead Residency, Miami, 2008 or the recently Residency concedidada by CCA Andratx, Mallorca, you will enjoy from June 2014. Currently working with galleries Alice Gallery ,Brussels , Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami ; Delimbo Gallery, Sevilla , and Katherine Mulherin, New York - Toronto .

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