Saturday, May 11, 2013

Janieta Eyre, The Mute Book, opening reception Thursday, May 16, 6 - 9pm at MULHERIN (Toronto)

Katharine Mulherin is very pleased to present The Mute Book, a body of photographs by Toronto-based artist Janieta Eyre. This exhibition takes place in conjunction with the CONTACT photography festival. 

"From the age of 14 to 17, I developed a disorder that made it impossible for me to speak. It had a curious effect on my development, because as a consequence many people gave up attempting to converse with me and instead began to behave as if I didn't exist. They no longer made eye contact with me nor reacted in anyway if I entered or exited a room. And in my silence I began to have strange thoughts: I began to wonder if I was in fact invisible.

The noises people made around me stopped requiring acknowledgement and became distant and indecipherable. Images filled my mind, but no words. And after a time, I became aware of a strange stillness in my centre.

It was during those years I learned identity is not something essential, but interchangeable. It is like a set of clothes.

Some years ago I was looking through an alchemical text and I came on a reference to the Mutus Liber. It was published in France in the 17thCentury and is a book of images which outlines a method of manufacturing the Philosopher's stone- or in more contemporary terms, a method of achieving enlightenment.

I also stumbled on an old black and white photograph of a person dressed half as a man and half as a woman. The clothes, makeup and hair had been carefully and beautifully divided. I had a powerful feeling of recognition, and this is what made me begin to take the photographs in this series. "

-Janieta Eyre, 2012

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